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If your offices and facilities utilise electronic access and identity security and your staff move around within their facilities using electronic key cards or ID passes, then much like the consumer card, this convenient access card can be wirelessly cloned and the bad guys don't even have to break in. They just wait for an appropriate time and walk right in with their cloned card.

The Access/ID card carried by staff, visitors or contractors will give up its code to ANY reader operating on that radio frequency! A third party with an easily concealed scanner could walk through a crowd, ride on public transport, a lift or escalator, or in any other crowded area and scan targeted RFID enabled Access cards and then write that scan to a blank card. All without the data owner/card holder ever knowing it happened!

The third party then has an exact clone of your key with the same level of access that your employee has! The scanner doesn't care if the codes are encrypted - all it sees is a string of data which it copies exactly. Your Security System will ONLY record that your employee is ‘in the building’, even though they may be in a different country. We call this unlawful scanning ‘electronic pickpocketing’.

To see just how easy it is to clone access cards please watch our video on a US news story showing how easy it is to clone a building access card. or our video on a US news story about Identity Stronghold and Phantom Keys on Inside Edition

Our Badgeholders come in a number of variants

All our badgeholders protect 13.56MHz Frequency Cards, however, the BloxProx variants also provide protection for HID Proximity cards 125Khz Access and ID cards reducing the read range to a required 'touch' for a read. *

SBD Approval

All our products have a Secure by Design Police Approval Specification for Identity Fraud Protection.

* 125Khz cards are incredibly hard to block due to their low frequency range. Our new technology will provide protection in almost every daily use of the card and badge holders. If the card and badge holder in its protective position, were presented to a reader, and held 'on the reader' for an extended period of time, a read MAY be made, but the likelihood is slim. However, readers vary greatly and there may be a stray occurrence with extended presentation to the reader, even in the optimum protective state.

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Last Updated 21st February 2017
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